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  1. The flocking will settle down naturally and requires rebalancing. On purchasing a new saddle it is recommended to be checked and rebalanced after approximately 5-12 weeks dependent upon the use of saddle. Please make an appointment with us so we may recheck the saddle and re-flock as appropriate. (There may be exceptional circumstances where the saddle will need to be checked at an earlier stage, dependent on use etc).
  2. The very best has been done to fit your (old or new) saddle on your horse. However, the flocking on your new saddle will settle and also that your horse can change over time. The season, age, training method, injuries, change in environment; eg livery yard/stabling, feeding regime, medication may be of substantial influence to the day to day wellbeing of your horse. That is why we advise that you check your horse yourself regularly for pain, discomfort and weight, and to have your saddle fit checked periodically. We recommend having the saddle fit checked preferably twice a year. This can help you and your horse ride in comfort and with confidence.
  3. If you choose to use a different saddle on your horse, or use the saddle which was sold by G&T Saddles on another horse and it has not been checked by us we accept no responsibility for any subsequent issues which may arise.
  4. Please note that if you fail to observe the recommendations and advice given at the time of the original fitting of a new saddle /re-flocking of a new saddle /flocking of an existing saddle, we cannot be held responsible for any issues which consequently arise concerning any injuries or issues to the horse, saddle, rider or third parties.
  5. The title to all or any goods sold shall remain with G&T Saddles until payment is received in full.
  6. Return of goods is accepted up to 21 days from date of purchase upon production of the original Sales Receipt and only if the item is in the same condition as when originally sold. There may be a percentage deduction in respect of use. This does not affect your statutory rights under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 or any statutory enactment relating to the sale of goods or provision of service.
  7. In the case of an alleged manufacturing fault appearing within 6 calendar months of the date of purchase, the item should be returned with the original sales receipt as soon as the alleged fault is discovered. An inspection by G&T Saddles and/or if appropriate the manufacturer will be undertaken to establish if it is a manufacturing fault. If it is the item will be replaced or the original purchase price refunded within 14 days of the outcome of the inspection.
  8. Any saddle purchased not utilising the saddle fitting service is not returnable (except entirely at the discretion of G&T Saddles) for refund if as a result of non-fitting as it is deemed and accepted that the purchaser has used their own discretion & judgement in making the purchase.
  9. In respect of saddles sold and fitted by G&T Saddles the following shall apply:
    1. In the case of any issue relating to the fit or fitting occurring within 30 days of purchase saddle fitting shall be reassessed free of charge.
    2. If it is deemed that the original fitting was incorrect (not as a result of subsequent use of the saddle or change in shape or condition of the horse or pony as a result of feed, training, age, change of regime, premises where the horse is kept etc), then the saddle will be refitted free of charge or a new freshly fitted saddle provided (subject to any refund or additional payment in respect of the difference in the purchase price of each saddle) or the purchase price will be refunded in full.
  10. If a purchaser wishes to return a saddle for any other reason than manufacturing fault or ill fitting (see 9. above) this is entirely at the discretion of G&T Saddles. The saddle may be returned subject to a return of the original purchase price less an appropriate sum deducted in respect of use, its condition and length of time since the original purchase

If you have any questions or concerns please contact G&T Saddles in the first instance

We accommodate all levels of horse and rider combinations from beginners through to professional riders.

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