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Over time, horses, riders and saddles change. As experienced riders Terri & Georgie understand the multiple factors which can influence and impact on correct saddle fit. We are dedicated to ensuring your saddle fits; therefore take a flexible approach given different horse and rider combinations and the varying requirements.G&T Saddles | Independent Saddle Fitters | Saddle Fitting

We offer a wide choice of new saddles from leading, trusted saddle makers in the UK, accommodating varying budgets. Being a stockist of a strong selection of saddle brands ensures we have access to a range of saddles with commitment to find a saddle with the correct tree and being the optimum fit. In certain instances, one particular brand may be unsuitable for a particular shape or type of horse, so flexibility and experience is required. Our ranges include made to template, bespoke saddles and saddles with changeable gullet systems – this is not a one saddle fits all solution! – The tree of the saddle must fit but is a useful advantage to give flexibility in width fitting of a saddle.

At G&T Saddles we are trusted saddle fitters and work with a wide variety of customers including eventers, riding club, pony club, endurance, show jumpers, hunters, cobs, happy hackers and dressage horses.


  • Saddle check and saddle fitting from £50 depending upon location
  • Saddle Flocking from £30 - £50
  • Full Saddle Re-Flock from £130 - £150

We also supply Fairfax and Prolite Performance Girths.

We accommodate all levels of horse and rider combinations from beginners through to professional riders.

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G&T Saddles | Independent Saddle FittersG&T Saddles | Independent Saddle Fitters 

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G&T Saddles | Independent Saddle Fitters G&T Saddles | Independent Saddle Fitters