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In October 2017 Georgie attained full accreditation as a Society Master Saddlers Qualified Saddle Fitter (SMS QSF). The aims of the SMS are to safeguard the quality of work, services, training and qualifications of all those who work in the saddlery trade.


G&T Saddles | Independent Saddle Fitters | MSFC Qualification

In 2015 Georgie Webb completed the International Master Saddle Fitting (MSFC) Exams.  This qualification, directed by veterinary scientist, Dr. Gerry van Oossanen, is accredited by Utrecht University School of Veterinary Science in Holland and is the most extensive saddle fitting course offered.  The course combines practical experience with academic study.  It emcompasses anatomy, physiology (human and equine), biomechanics and scientific research, training influences, conformation, pathology, back and lameness checks, nutrition, trees (including Western, Baroque and treeless) saddle construction, girthing, therapeutic pads and fault identification.

“A saddle fitter is more than a saddle salesman. To become a good salesman you need good commercial skills. To become a good saddle fitter you need in-depth knowledge of the anatomy & biomechanics of the horse, training influences, of pathology, of rider influence”. Course Founder and Director Gerry Van Oossanen

We accommodate all levels of horse and rider combinations from beginners through to professional riders.

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G&T Saddles | Independent Saddle FittersG&T Saddles | Independent Saddle Fitters 

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